Boys Gymnastics


Most people consider gymnastics just for girls, yet this is untrue. Males have shown a strong desire to be the best in this very physical sport.  Here at iTumble Gymnastics we understand both male and female athletes, and help them gain numerous benefits from such a physical sport. We, therfore, welcome and encourage boys who are interested in growing their muscles while flipping, twisting, and tumbling to try out one of our classes, and see for themselves how it can be enjoyed by anyone!

The Boys Recreational Program (Ages 6-18) aims to introduce and enhance beginner and intermediate gymnastics in a fun, yet challenging environment. Classes will include a variety of gymnastics excercises and stations geared toward improving over-all athleticism, which will benefit future participation in all sports. Gymnasts will have the opportunity to train on Olympic apparatuses such as the rings, bars, floor, vault, and trampolines. In order to best accommodate your child's abilities, this program is divided into two separate skill levels: Beginner and Boys Team gymnastics.

For ages 5 & under, please see preschool classes.

Boys will gain awareness of physical fitness, improve gymnastics skill levels, and continually work toward more difficult movements.  Each level is an exciting and fast-paced hour strictly dedicated to developing core stregth, tumbling technique, awareness of body location in air, balance. Most importantly, your son will find confidence to appropriately challenge himself. 

One hour class each week is $79/month per child.

Attire for gymnastics classes:  T-shirts and gym shorts. NO Denim or belts.