Our Tumbling classes teach tumbling skills on a "Spring floor", ages 6 -18 yr olds.  Your children will begin by learning expert cartwheels, progress onto front handsprings, back handsprings, front flips, back flips. Then move onto more difficult tumbles such as layouts, full twists, back tucks, etc. Also included are skills such as front and back drops. Tumbling is a core intensive skill, thus strength conditioning will occur during class. Perfect the skills necessary for cheerleading, or just simply keep your backyard tumbler safe, by letting us teach them proper tumbling techniques. 

Ages 5 & under, please see Preschool Classes.

One hour class each week is $79/month per child.

Attire for tumbling classes: Leotards, T-shirts and gym shorts, but NO DENIM. Hair in a ponytail is preferred.