We encourage gymnastics safety for younger students while learning basic gymnastics in a fun, creative way that keeps them engaged and eager to learn more. iTumble Gymnastics coaches create exceptional experiences that motivate our preschoolers to learn the amazing sport of gymnastics. Through the unique use of creative and high-energy activities, we will able to drive the young ones to strive for a  higher level of skill sets.

50 minute class each week is $70/month. One hour class each week is $79/month per child.

Attire for gymnastics classes: Leotards for girls, T-shirts and gym shorts for boys or girls, but NO DENIM. Hair in a ponytail is preferred.

Hatchlings Parent Participation Class: Walking  (2– 3 years, 50 min class)

This introductory level class is designed for the very young gymnast who still requires a parent or guardian to accompany him or her out on the floor.  These classes follow the themes and obstacle courses of our other preschool classes, but require the help of a parent at all times. Student teacher ratios is 1:6 for this parent assisted class.

Mini Turtles Tots Class: (3-4 years, 50 min class)

This is their first class experience without a parent. Our primary objectives for this group are to have children follow the teacher’s instructions, take turns, and play well with others within the gymnastics setting. This class develops the skills featured in the parent participation classes, in addition to introducing more challenging skills. To make this transition as smooth as possible, our student teacher ratio is 1:6 for this program.

Mighty Turtles Tots Class: (4 – 5 years, 1 hour class)

At this level, gymnasts are able to follow directions more easily and are able to learn more advanced motor and gymnastics skills. Each gymnast should be working towards mastering the skills in the lower levels as well as developing the strength and coordination for more the progressional skill sets. Student teacher ratio is 1:8 for this class.