Jake Clear - Owner & Head Girls Team Coach


Jake comes with 22 years of expert coaching in Boys and Girls gymnastics. From children age two to eighteen years of age, he has taught it all, including recreational classes to the higher level of USAG boys and girls competitive team, and USAG tumbling and trampoline (TNT). His background provides the gym with strong technical knowledge, safety orientation, and a tremendous drive to encourage kids to pursue their dreams. He leads kids to be physically fit, happy, and inspire them. Jake has a passion for children, and he truly loves to see them achieve the goals they pursue. Watching kids come through the gym, work out hard, and beg to stay for more is just an example of his magnetic personality that attracts the kids to him. They love him, he can be silly but serious at the same time. Jake is married to Emily, and they have two wonderful daughters.



  • Primary & Secondary Care AED/First Aid & CPR Adult, Child, Infant 
  • U108 Pro First Aid
  • Concussion signs and symptoms
  • SafeSport Training 
  • U410 USA Gymnastics National Congress
  • U310 Regional Gymnastics Congress
  • USA Gymnastics University: Instructor
  • U100Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction
  • U101 Safety & Risk Management
  • R103: School Age: Hands on Training (HOTSA)
  • T210: Trampoline and Tumbling
  • T200: Trampoline & Tumbling Development
  • R102 Preschool fundamentals hands-on
  • R104 GymCert Level 1
  • R204 GymCert Level 2
  • R205 GymCert Level 3
  • R105 GymCert  Boys Level 1
  • W200: Development Coaches Course: Hands On Training (HOTD)
  • ITP Boys 1 & 2  
  • Emergency Behavior Intervention

Emily Clear - Owner


Emily is eager to be walking side by side with her spouse in this amazing journey. She will be handling the business side of the gym, and helping in day to day operations. She has been a hairstylist for 22 years, and earned her Associate of Applied Science in Accounting Degree in 2007. She has had an enormous love for children since an early age from helping out with vacation bible school, to working with the two year old toddlers at church, and then being a foster parent.  Emily has a great personality, loves children, and strives for success in everything she does.  Emily is married to Jake, and they have two wonderful daughters.



  • Associate of Applied Science in Accounting 


  • First Aid & CPR Adult, Child, Infant 
  • Cosmetology License since 2000
  • Emergency Behavior Intervention
  • ITP 401: Gymnastics Business

Teresa Porter - Gym Manager


Coach Teresa is our gym manager and coach. She comes with 10 years of gymnastics experience. She loves kids! She's patient, caring, and motivating. Teresa is always excited when gymnast get their newest skills. She is an awesome coach. You will love her!


  • U100: Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction 
  • U110: Safe Sport 3/3
  • R102: Preschool Fundamentals Hands on Training
  • ITP 101: Recreational Gymnastics
  • ITP 102: Preschool
  • ITP 601: Brain & Body
  • Concussion Awareness Training
  • First Aid & CPR Training

Coach Gracee - Girls Team Coach


Gracee has 3 years of gymnastics coaching. She is also a competitive Xcel silver gymnast. She can be found at the front desk to help with any questions you may have, coaching kiddos, bouncing around with the kids at summer camp and/or birthday parties. She has grown up in the gym, the oldest daughter of Jake & Emily.


  • R102: Preschool Fundamentals Hands on Training
  • ITP 101: Recreational Gymnastics
  • ITP 102: Preschool
  • Concussion Awareness Training
  • First Aid & CPR Training

Coach Kylee - preschool and bronze team


Coach Kylee has 1 year of coaching experience. She has competed in gymnastics for 3 years and is currently on our Xcel silver girls team. She is very patient with the kids and shows to be very passionate about coaching. Kylee can be found on the floor coaching kids or boucing around with the kids at summer camp, fun nights, and/or birthday parties.


  • Concussion Awareness Training
  • First Aid & CPR Training

Coach Kaylie - Summer camp director


Kaylie has been with us for three years of summer camp, we are super excited to have her again for summer 2023! She is our summer camp director, the brain behind all of the summer camp fun! She is on her way to becoming an amazing elementary level teacher, studying at college. Her amazing personality shines at everywhere but most of all for us at summer camp, birthday parties, and coaching recreational classes. She has a very patient spirit, and is always ready to have fun and play games with the kiddos. She is a kid magnet, they love her! 

Coach Isabella


Coach Isabella has been helping at the gym for one year. She has been on our competitive girls team for 4 years, and is currently an Xcel gold level gymnast. She is very playful with the kiddos, she is a great second set of eyes to help other coaches, and you might even see her tumbling around in the gym from time to time.