Our Facility:

Established in September of 2017, owners Jake and Emily Clear are excited to provide Jarrell, Texas and surrounding communities with the great sport of gymnastics. We are a 6,000 square foot facility located in Town Center Plaza, offering gymnastics classes, birthday parties, parents night out, private lessons, and other special events. We enjoy doing what we do, and our gymnasts will experience the same kind of enjoyment! iTumble Gymnastics is a privately owned gymnastics facility that will provide positive encouragement through the art of gymnastics, tumbling, and overall fitness. Our passion for children and the sport of gymnastics will guide your children towards a healthy future by encouraging fitness, safety, and reaching their goals. We provide gymnastics classes for children age 18 months to the age of 18 years old. We hope you learn about us through this website, and we welcome you to visit us to see the gym in person.


Our Motto:

Each student, regardless of age, will be taught the fundamentals of gymnastics, perform core strengthening exercises, and eventually propel into more difficult gymnastics  skills as their abilities improve. Our positive  coaching will encourage children to set goals, work hard towards those goals, and praise them along the way.  From their first cartwheel to their most advanced double back full, our gym will provide them many opportunities to succeed. 


Our Hours:


 Summer Hours:

Mon-Thu 9am-2pm 


School Year (August-May)

Monday 4:00-8:00pm

Tuesday 4:00-8:00pm

Wednesday 4:00-8:00pm

Thursday   4:00-8:00pm

Friday (Special Event hours)

Saturdays (Birthday Parties)

Sundays Closed


iTumble Gymnastics is about positive attitudes. From the "can do" motto toward all athletes, to seeing the staff enthusiastically hug a gymnast, watching excitement as a child accomplishes the skill, to helping your child celebrate a birthday, we are the gym for you.

From the beginning, the motto has been, "I Can and I Will." One must continue to try in order to pursue their desires.


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