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Girls Gymnastics

We offer quality gymnastics classes for girls age 6-18 with any skill ability. Your little gymnast will experience all of the Olympic events such as bars, beams, vault, floor exercise, as well as trampolines. Your superstar will be divided into groups according to her skill level and age, which is determined on a weekly basis according to the girls that are in that specific class. We are thrilled you are interested in our program, and would love to have your athlete try one of our classes.

Ages 5 and under, please see Preschool classes.

One hour of class each week is $75/month per child.

Attire for gymnastics classes: Leotards, T-shirts and gym shorts, but NO DENIM. Hair in a ponytail is preferred. 


Boys Gymnastics

Most people consider gymnastics just for girls, yet this is untrue. Males have shown a strong desire to be the best in this very physical sport.  Here at iTumble Gymnastics we understand both male and female athletes, and help them gain numerous benefits from such a physical sport. We, therfore, welcome and encourage boys who are interested in growing their muscles while flipping, twisting, and tumbling to try out one of our classes, and see for themselves how it can be enjoyed by anyone!
The Boys Recreational Program (Ages 6-18) aims to introduce and enhance beginner and intermediate gymnastics in a fun, yet challenging environment. Classes will include a variety of gymnastics excercises and stations geared toward improving over-all athleticism, which will benefit future participation in all sports. Gymnasts will have the opportunity to train on Olympic apparatuses such as the rings, bars, floor, vault, and trampolines. In order to best accommodate your child's abilities, this program is divided into three separate skill levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Team Boys gymnastics.

For ages 5 & under, please see preschool classes.

Boys will gain awareness of physical fitness, improve gymnastics skill levels, and continually work toward more difficult movements.  Each level is an exciting and fast-paced hour strictly dedicated to developing core stregth, tumbling technique, awareness of body location in air, balance. Most importantly, your son will find confidence to appropriately challenge himself. 

One hour class each week is $75/month per child.

Attire for gymnastics classes:  T-shirts and gym shorts. NO Denim or belts. 


Our Tumbling classes teach tumbling skills on a "Spring floor", ages 6 -18 yr olds.  Your children will begin by learning expert cartwheels, progress onto front handsprings, back handsprings, front flips, back flips. Then move onto more difficult tumbles such as layouts, full twists, back tucks, etc. Also included are skills such as front and back drops. Tumbling is a core intensive skill, thus strength conditioning will occur during class. Perfect the skills necessary for cheerleading, or just simply keep your backyard tumbler safe, by letting us teach them proper tumbling techniques. 

Ages 5 & under, please see Preschool Classes.

One hour class each week is $75/month per child.

Attire for tumbling classes: Leotards, T-shirts and gym shorts, but NO DENIM. Hair in a ponytail is preferred.

Preschool Gymnastics



We encourage gymnastics safety for younger students while learning basic gymnastics in a fun, creative way that keeps them engaged and eager to learn more. iTumble Gymnastics coaches create exceptional experiences that motivate our preschoolers to learn the amazing sport of gymnastics. Through the unique use of creative and high-energy activities, we will able to drive the young ones to strive for a  higher level of skill sets.

One hour class each week is $75/month per child.

Attire for gymnastics classes: Leotards for girls, T-shirts and gym shorts for boys or girls, but NO DENIM. Hair in a ponytail is preferred.

Hatchlings Parent Participation Class: Walking  (18 mos – 3 years)

This introductory level class is designed for the very young gymnast who still requires a parent or guardian to accompany him or her out on the floor.  These classes follow the themes and obstacle courses of our other preschool classes, but require the help of a parent at all times. Student teacher ratios is 1:8 for this parent assisted class.

Mini Turtles Tots Class: (2 1/2 – 3 1/2 years)

This is their first class experience without a parent. Our primary objectives for this group are to have children follow the teacher’s instructions, take turns, and play well with others within the gymnastics setting. This class develops the skills featured in the parent participation classes, in addition to introducing more challenging skills. To make this transition as smooth as possible, our student teacher ratio is 1:6 for this program.

Mighty Turtles Tots Class: (4 – 5 1/2 years)

At this level gymnasts are able to follow directions more easily and are able to learn more advanced motor skills and gymnastics skills. Each gymnast should be working towards mastering the skills in the lower levels as well as developing the strength and coordination for more the progressional skill sets. Student teacher ratio is 1:8 for this class.

Advanced Mighty Turtles (4-5 years)

Invitational class only. This class is geared toward the preschoolers who have achieved the skills they needed to move on to the next level but are not of age to go to the next level. Ratio is 1:8 for this class.


iNinja is a co-ed class that incorporates freestyle movements, agility, strengthening moves with gymnastics techniques. Apparatuses used in class include: obstacle courses, iNinja warp wall, challenge rock wall, and iNinja mats. Coaches will setup obstacles that will challenge the kids to try new things. 

iNinja is separated by ages, younger group and older group. Please check class schedule for current times available.  


iCheer launches January 7th! Learn and develop strong motion sharpness, jumps, cheer specific tumbling, basic two-story stunt progression, as well as learn simple chants to integrate new skills.

Attire: T-shirts and gym shorts, cheer shoes, but NO DENIM or tank tops. Hair in a ponytail is preferred.

One hour of class each week is $75/month per child.

Ratio 1:10

iDance Class


Dance Class is co-ed, and separated by ages.

Our dance class will teach the foundation of all styles of dance. Special emphasis on Acro dance. Classes will also ready the student for participation in dance squad and or team.

Each class is 45 minutes and meets weekly. Enrollment is $60/month per child, and one time registration fee.


Day Camps

Day Camps

Held on school holidays including Spring Break, Summer Vacation, and Winter Break
Camp time: 9am until 2pm (Doors Open at 8:55am)Join us for Summer Camp! We want to be your childs favorite camp. We offer camp through the week of Spring Break, entire summer vacation, and some days during winter vacation from school. Summer Camp starts the week school lets out, until the week prior to when school returns. Winter Break Camp is in December.Drop the kids with us, camp is 9am-2pm. Send lunch with child, wear gymnastics appropriate attire. No denim or dresses please. Click our Camp button to enroll today! Walk-ins accepted, if space allows. iTumble Gymnastics is not a licensed child care facility (daycare).Need longer camp days? No problem! We have partnered with Kids' Zone in Jarrell to provide extended care. Kiddos will be transported at 2pm by van to their facility, located one block from our gym, and are able to stay until 6pm. Pickup is located at their facility, 105 Western Sky Trail, Jarrell 76537.

Summer Camp Schedule May 28, 2019-August 9, 2019
9am to 2pm (Doors Open at 8:50am)

Ages 4-12 yr olds welcomeGymnastics campers will experience :

  • 4 In-ground Olympic-size trampolines 
  • Zip line
  • Exciting group games
  • Challenge Wall
  • Parachute and ball games
  • Balance beam, floor, bars, rings and much more.

Sample Daily Schedule

Day Camp:

9:00-9:15 Sign In and Playtime
9:15-9:30 Warm Up
9:30-10:30 Gymnastics Class (one hour of instruction)
10:30-10:45 Snack Time
10:45-11:00 Open play
11:00-12:00 Group Games
12:00-12:30 Lunch Time
12:30- 1:00 Zipline, Swing, & Rock wall Time
1:00-2:00 Group Games

Enrollment Pricing Info

Camp pricing:$30/day  9-2pm$42/day for extended care with Kids'Zone 9-6pm

In the event of a cancellation, refunds or rescheduled days must be handled by calling, emailing, or coming to the lobby. Refunds or reschedules are given only if they are cancelled at least 24 hours before their scheduled camp date.

Toddler Open Gym

Open gym for ages 5 and under is on Thursdays, from 10:30am to 11:30am. Each child is $6.50, that includes tax.

Please verify any large groups by calling us prior to desired day, 512-748-8397.

We follow the Jarrell School Calendar. We do not have toddler open gym during Christmas Holiday or Spring Break. Summer Open Gym is also moved to a selected Saturday once a month to allow for summer camps during the weekdays. Sorry for any inconvenience. Questions? Want to confirm we are open? Call us 512-748-8397. Thanks!

Open Gym is one hour of gymnastics activities for younger children age 5 and under. This time allows younger kids to have time in the gym setting without being inundated with older more rambunctious children. Our coaches will challenge kids with obstacle courses and games during this free play time. Come see our gym and have fun exploring it! Open gym is an excellent opportunity for younger kids to get involved in physical activities. Parents are encouraged to follow their kids in the gym, take pictures of their children, and interact with them. Open gym is close through holidays. Check our Facebook for latest happenings.  

Attire for open gym: Leotards, T-shirts and gym shorts, but NO DENIM. Hair in a ponytail is preferred.

Friday Night Out (Open Gym)

Friday night out, also known as Open Gym for ages 4-14 year olds. This is a two hour event for children age 4 to 14.  There will be age appropriate games, handstand contests, parachute games, and bounce time. 

Please see our Facebook Page for the most current happenings, email  or call us to check on our next scheduled Friday Night Out.

Price: $10.83/child  (does not include dinner)

Attire for Friday Night Out: Leotards, T-shirts and gym shorts, but NO DENIM. Hair in a ponytail is preferred.

Birthday Parties

Each iTumble Gymnastics Birthday Party includes one hour of games and playtime on the gym floor, and thirty minutes to be in party room for whatever you choose. You can choose to open gifts, serve cake, pizza, and/or ice cream however you see fit in the 30 minutes. At this time, if an extension of birthday party time is desired please contact us via phone to register the party so proper time adjustments can be made. Available if space allows.

We Provide:

Coaches, Gym, Organized Games, Instruction, & FUN!

Custom Birthday Party Invitations (15 provided that include party waivers)

Help with party set up & clean up after

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is due upon reservation. Balance is due on the day of the party.

Parents Provide:

•All Food Items (Cake, Pizza, Ice Cream, Juice Boxes)

•Additional Party Favors

•Additional Decorations

•Paper Goods

•Signed Invitations  (party waivers)

•And of course, the KIDS!!!


  • $175 plus tax for the first 15 children including the birthday child. After 15 there is an additional $6 charge per child. Non walking children do not count toward the 15.
  • All children attending a Birthday Party at iTumble Gymnastics will need to have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian in order to participate in all of the fun. Parents may fill out the waiver at the party, or they can bring in their invitations with signed permission.
  • Final number of attendees must be confirmed by Thursday the week of the party,  at 12 noon if there will be more than 20 kids coming to a Saturday party. Staff needs to be arranged. 

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